Teleinx NPA NXX Short Duration Dialer Termination Service

Unlike most carriers, we accept, invite and welcome many types of dialer traffic. Teleinx’s state-of-the-art carrier grade switching platform is designed and built specifically to handle short duration dialer traffic. Our switching technology has been stress tested with over 60,000 channels and over 10,000 calls per second.
We understand the challenges that come with short duration dialer traffic. Throughout the years we have tackled every common dialer termination issue you may have faced in the past. Our extensive voice network of interconnects covers over 180,000 codes with over 70,000 codes being direct connects with the LEC for best quality of service. Teleinx’s NPA NXX dialer termination covers United States, Canada and the Caribbean. Our dialer termination service is offered to businesses and carriers who have short duration traffic.
For those customers who do not wish to complicate their business operations with LRN routing and recurring rate deck updates Teleinx offers a simple flat rate per minute billing.

dialer termination


Dialer Termination

Teleinx's Switching Technology Was Built Starting From The Ground Up To Handle Short Duration Dialer Traffic


  • LRN Billing and Routing

  • Wholesale 6 Second Billing Increments

  • Flat Rate Available

  • No CPS or Channel Restrictions

  • No Volume Commitments

  • No Short Call Surcharges


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