Teleinx Wholesale VoIP NPA NXX Voice Termination Service

Teleinx’s wholesale NPA NXX voice termination is a cost effective way to terminate telephone calls to United States, Canada and the Caribbean. ¬†Our extensive network of interconnects covers over 180,000 codes with over 70,000 codes being¬†direct connects with the LEC for best quality of service. Teleinx’s state-of-the-art carrier grade switching platforms enable us to process billions of calls which allows us to leverage market costs. Our pricing team strives to pass these savings onto our customers by updating customer rates on a regular basis. This service is offered to businesses and carriers who have long duration (conversational) traffic.
For those customers who do not wish to complicate their business operations with LRN routing and recurring rate deck updates Teleinx offers a simple flat rate per minute billing.