LRN Lookup

It is in every VoIP providers interest to make sure they have access to an LRN (Local Routing Number) query dipping service.  LRN lookup is a technique for obtaining the LNP (Local Number Portability) number. A LRN is ten digit number that looks like a telephone number. but in actuality represents an entire telephone switch through which multiple telephone numbers are routed. Originally designed as a technique for providing Local Number Portability, LRN removes the need for the public telephone number to identify the local exchange carrier, only the LRN needs to be changed.
What does this mean for you?
Basically, when customer A calls their party in the morning and the call is sent over Carrier A which at that time it is the LCR (least cost route). Later that afternoon, customer A calls that same party but the number has now ported to a new provider, with a LNP query you will know that Carrier A is no longer the least cost route but instead Carrier B is the least cost route.
Using LRN, when a phone number is dialed, your switch queries our database, for the LRN associated with the subscriber.
Using Teleinx’s location routing number, LRN lookup query service, you can efficiently complete calls to the correct operator while avoiding dropped/incorrect calls and unnecessary or expensive default dips charged from the LEC (local exchange carrier). This can all be achieved while minimizing your capital investments and operational expenses. With LRN lookup dipping service you will typically decrease your per minute cost between 15 to 20%.